“Karov Lalev provides countless opportunities that can be a game changer in the process of cultivating a feeling of unity”

“Karov Lalev” was founded as a grassroots initiative, as it identified a significant need for strengthening Israel’s social cohesion due to the growing rifts between different segments of Israeli society. Indeed much has been written about Israel’s social, religious, ethnic and political schism. These divisions influence the entire heterogeneous society, splitting it into camps, which oftentimes causes tension, polarization and controversy, undermining the country’s social resilience and weakening the national sense of unity. Karov Lalev was established in 2013 to bridge the gaps in Israeli society. Since its founding, five thousand- volunteers have joined the organization and are working together to foster tolerance and mutual responsibility (Arvut Hadadit) within the Jewish nation in Israel. By facilitating and creating tens of thousands of dynamic and often life-changing meetings each year between secular and religious families across the country, “Karov Lalev” is successfully growing and making social change possible.

Naturally, there is no substitute for an orthodox Jewish family spending an hour in their secular neighbors’ living room. Those encounters aren’t difficult or expensive, yet they don’t happen often enough.

Karov Lalev produces tens of thousands heartwarming holiday kits. The kits offer endless opportunities for neighbors to meet. Each kit, which includes unique Jewish content – is not only a fun gift to give but more importantly, it helps bring the various segments of the Jewish population together, as it provides a genuine way for people to explore and connect with one another.