From Haifa all the way to Ashkelon, over 40 religious and secular public schools in “neighboring communities” are participating in our Karov Lalev Twin Schools program. The schools are neighbors geographically they and belong to the same municipality.

Before every holiday, we produce educational material for schools and provide them to teachers who transmit them on to their students in class. The content is designed to engage the students with topics relating to Israel including Jewish holidays, traditions, history and common values we share with our great connection to Israel.

The Karov Lalev Twin School creates a pedagogical language within the school-communities in which we operate. The novelty of the program is that we seek to educate the young generation of Israel to speak the language of Karov Lalev and to grow to be good, supportive neighbors.

The schools in the program don’t only serve as a platform for initiating meetings between families but are accompanied by Karov Lalev team throughout the whole year.

Introductory Meeting: In the School

This introductory session is hosted by one of the “neighboring” schools where a Playback Theatre performance takes place. Secular and religious families are then paired to play a special card game designed to break the ice and to get to know the families they will meet in their homes throughout the year.

Hannukah Meeting: In the Home

This is the first of 3 meetings that takes place in the home. The families play a Karov LaLev dreidle game, where they are quizzed on the Hanukkah story of the Hashmonai family, providing a wonderful opportunity to discuss together the power of family.

Tu Be'shvat Meeting: In the home

The second meeting occurs in the home of the family who has not yet hosted. This meeting teaches of the historical development of Tu Be’shvat from the Mishna until today. They also create chia-heads of their families (made of tasty edible greens, such as parsley, mint, and cilantro) as they are encouraged to they each her or himself need in order to grow and develop.

Purim Meeting: In the home

This is the third and final meeting inside of the home. The families play a game that highlights the social aspects of Purim. Families are given materials to build Mishloach Manot and decide aloud who they want to give it to. The activities get families to think about what happiness means to them and how to pass it on to others.

Field Trip for the Twin Schools and their Families

An unforgettable experience! The children of both schools are taken on a trip to Jerusalem along with their families. The families and schools cooperate throughout the day, setting the stage for future cooperation and connection during the following school-year.

Keeping in Touch

Families are encouraged to maintain the connections that were created throughout the year. They are given prepared Karov Lalev kits that invite them to think together of ways to stay connected and to join the Karov Lalev movement so that they can keep meeting new families of different religious backgrounds.