Karov Lalev (eng. Close to Heart) was founded in 2013 as a grassroots movement aimed to overcome the deep rift between the diverse Jewish populations in Israel and to enhance social cohesion by pinpointing the Jewish holidays as common grounds. Thus, creating tens of thousands of unmediated encounters between religious and non-religious individuals and families.

As each holiday approaches, Karov Lalev produces uniquely designed holiday kits that include a gift and contemporary Jewish content and organizes several direct distributions of the kits with the help of thousands of volunteers around the country, religious and secular alike. Our volunteers distribute the kits within their communities, creating genuine connections between people from different segments of Israeli society and inspiring Jewish collectivity.

In order to achieve long lasting change and a deeper connection between the families, Karov Lalev promotes creative and innovative community programs to create a ripple effect on the entire society, bringing value to local Jewish communities in countless ways.